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October 2015-June 2017

SCLT works on property ownership issues

February 2020

Community Update 

Fall 2020

Structural Assessment of Building

Fall 2019-Summer 2020

Field Soil and Water Sampling

Winter/Spring 2021

Hydrologic Interactions Study

October 2017-

USEPA completes Phase II Environmental Assessment

August 2017-

Community Visioning Session

January 2019

Community Update 

September 2015-

Exploratory Committee

contracts Feasibility Study

January 2017-

USEPA completes Phase I Environmental Assessment

June 2016-

SCCD applies to USEPA Targeted Brownfield Assessment Program

Spring 2021

Assessment Reports and mitigation planning through EPA Assessment Grant

December 2017-

Formation of

Acme Working Group

May 2015-

Exploratory Committee


Initial Meeting

June 2017-

SCCD assumes site ownership

January 2018-

Site enrolled in WDEQ Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP)




Fall 2018

Removal of drums, some asbestos, and debris

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