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Soil and Water Field Sampling Complete (7/2020)

WDEQ’s contractor (WWC Engineering) completed field data collection for the site assessment in June 2020. To date, 80 soil samples, 8 river sediment samples, 4 quarters of surface water samples from 3 sampling locations, and 4 quarters or groundwater samples from 10 sampling locations have been collected and analyzed. Additional collected data includes slug testing of wells to calculate hydraulic conductivity, permeability testing of in-situ soil samples, hourly water level measurements using transducers in five of the wells, and activity-based sampling for asbestos in soils. WWC Engineering is currently completing the data validation of soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater. WWC Engineering is also working with TRC Environmental Corporation to complete the Ecological Risk Assessment and Ayres Associates to complete the Remedial Alternatives Evaluation Report. WWC Engineering intends to complete the draft report of the Acme Site Assessment by the end of August 2020 or early September 2020. WWC Engineering and American Engineering Testing will also be completing a structural assessment of the building in September 2020. This assessment will evaluate the structural integrity of the plant.

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