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Funds from Wyoming Community Foundation support Acme outreach and coordination efforts (9/2022)

The Sheridan County Conservation District was awarded a $5000 grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation through the Sheridan Area Opportunities Fund and the WYCF Sheridan-Johnson area Local Board. The grant was used to support outreach and coordination efforts associated with the Acme Power Plant Reclamation Project.

The funds from the Wyoming Community Foundation (awarded in 2021) specifically supported personnel time and expenses associated with the development of a successful EPA Cleanup Grant and participation in the National Brownfields Training Conference. The grant also funded coordination of public meetings, website updates, and other outreach activities.

Carrie Rogaczewski, District Manager, expressed appreciation for the support, noting “grants like those from the Wyoming Community Foundation are extremely important for leveraging other sources of funding for full project implementation. A project of this size and complexity requires support from many sources to be successful. We are grateful for the assistance.”


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