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Haub School Report “Power of Acme’s Past” now available (10/2020)

On behalf of the Sheridan County Conservation District and Acme Working Group, the University of Wyoming Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, completed an historical narrative of the former Acme Power Plant site. The full report, “The Power of Acme’s Past: Historical Background and Personal Narratives” is now available on the project website ( The website also includes information on the site’s history, environmental assessments, timelines, funding, photos, and other updates as well as interactive links for people to share their stories about the site’s past and their ideas on potential future uses.

To develop the report, students from the University of Wyoming Haub School conducted multiple interviews and spent time with many area residents in the summer of 2018. Interviews, including some video and sound clips, were compiled along with other research. The District would especially like to thank the folks that shared their stories, not only with the students, but also those that have used the links on the website. Carrie Rogaczewski, District Manager, notes that “reading the stories that people have shared is inspiring. There are a lot of creative ideas out there, not to mention the special memories of places and activities. It is certainly a testament to the importance of this site.” The report and other stories shared with the District will be incorporated into future site reuse discussions.

The Acme Power Plant Reclamation Project is a community effort to address environmental and safety concerns at the former Acme Power Plant located along the Tongue River. The purpose is to make the site suitable for public use in the future. While specific future uses have not been determined, expectations for future use include protecting water and land quality, ensuring public access, and capturing the historical importance for the site. Input from earlier discussions has heavily favored some form of outdoor recreation.

The Acme Working Group was formed in December 2017 to provide guidance and assistance on the logistical and technical aspects of remediation activities. The group consists of representatives from the Sheridan County Conservation District, the Sheridan Community Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Sheridan County, Sheridan Travel and Tourism, Montana Dakota Utilities, Museum of the Bighorns, and the adjacent landowner. As the process transitions from addressing contamination into redevelopment planning, the working group will reach out to the community again for their input.

Download PDF • 2.49MB


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